YC Thailand Papaya Soap Double White Plus – 100Gm

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  • Facial masks

  • Lighten your skin
  • Facial cleanser
  • Reduce the calluses on your feet and hands
  • Breaks up dead skin
  • Get rid of acne
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1) Papaya Soap for Dark Spots and Skin Whitening

Obviously, papaya soap is quite famous because of its skin lightening properties. With papaya soap, dark spots will disappear in just a few weeks. It can minimize the body’s production of melanin which is the main cause of the darkening of our skin. Not only does it lighten your skin’s complexion but more importantly is evens it out so that you don’t have dark areas in your face, dark underarms or elbows and minimize the discoloration caused by scars.

2) Papaya Soap for Acne and Skin Exfoliation

As you use papaya soap, the papain ezyme that’s a natural substance found in the papaya fruit, promotes the removal of dead skin. Dean skin can dry up your skin leaving it itchy and rough. Exfoliation is also important so that no foreign elements like dirt and dust particles are trapped in your skin which can cause pimples and blackheads. Through daily use of papaya soap,Acneand scars will be minimized and you’ll exfoliate your skin making it softer, whiter and pimple free.

3) Leaves your Skin Healthy and Smooth

One of the first signs of an unhealthy skin is dryness. If you are scratching often or have noticed cracked or reddish skin patches, then you may already have dry skin. Papaya soap is one of the more effective treatments to dry skin as it rejuvenates the skin.

4) Papaya Soap Heals Acne and Pimple Scars

Since Papaya soap mainly exfoliates the skin, it can unclog pores that have been backed up by dead skin cells and over production of sebum – the natural oil that our skin secretes. Pimples appear when dead skin and sebum are not immediately washed away. This is why, through regular use of papaya soap, acne can be avoided and you can prevent any breakouts of those embarrassing rashes and pimples.

5) Relieves Pain from Insect Bites

A little known fact about the papain enzyme is that it can breakdown proteins and the toxins left by an insect bite. Rinsing and washing a bug bite and stings with papaya soap and water can relieve the pain and itching. This can be a very welcome idea especially if medical creams are unavailable.

6) Removes Stains

The ability to breakdown proteins is also a great benefit when it comes to getting rid of certain stains on clothes and fabrics. Heavy, protein-based stains like blood can be easily removed from fabrics if washed with papaya soap.

Papaya soaps are quickly becoming the most popular bathing soap out in the market today. Because of the many papaya soap benefits apart from the usual function of soap – that is to keep your body clean – it goes over and above in keeping you clean and beautiful. Just make sure to purchase trusted brands like Likas papaya soap to be sure you’re getting 100% all natural papaya soaps.

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